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What is link exchange and its caution.

link exchange sites

Link Exchange is a method of exchanging the URL between two websites or blog (Same niche) but at present link exchanges are not nearly as effective as they once used to be. Search engines have become smarter and shifty linking systems have become measurable. By participating in link exchange schemes, you take the risk of getting penalized or even banned by the search engines.

Benefits of Link Exchange:

There various kinds of advantages of exchanging your site or blog link with another reputed website acceding to your niche. Which are given blow?

1. Its boosts SEO Ranking.

2. To get genuine backlinks

3. To get unique traffic.

4. Its pick up Alexa Rank.

5. Its increases PageRank earlier.


Top 25 Link Exchange Directory Sites List

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  1. For a long I am looking for this kind of Search Engine optimization SEOso thanks for sharing this with us and I love to share this with all my friend also.


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