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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for your blog or website. Submit website to search engines is an essential part of modern SEO. Without SEO you cannot think about more traffic and do not get much traffic in your blog or website. Traffic is the heart for a website, without traffic you can’t do anything . So when you create a blog then you think you will get more traffic for sites ranking. Submit your website or blog to major search engines is a first part of search engine optimization. There are a large number of Search engines in web world. So user uses different Search engines to get different data.

search engine submission

 If you can submit your site to these search engines one after another, it takes much time and is not an easy task. So here I am showing submit website to search engines within one click more than 150+ different search engines. If you can submit your site to several search engines, then you can get more traffic from there. Be remember search engines traffic is most valuable for each website’s for their ranking. Let’s go to know how to submit website to search engines speedily.

Free search engine submission just few steps:

Step 1. At first Click Here then you will see text box where we will submit your site URL. Just same below image.

Step 2. Just follow above picture and submit your blog’s URL and Email in the gaps.

Step 3. Then Click to Submit Button.

Now just wait few seconds and after then see your website’s URL submitted to different search engines above 150+.


  1. really nice to know all of this. Fortunately, I started listening to the podcast immediately after launch, so I was able to straighten things out really quickly.

  2. thanks for posting this information,by this i can able submit my url at a single time to all the sites

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