How to create a free blog using blogger | step by step guide.

If you have a blog, you can easily share anything you like and if you wish you can also earn a honest income from your blog. There are lots of blogging platform in the web world, here I have shared blogger platform that you can use to create a free blog website for yourself.

There is a unit several blogging platforms that offers user to make free blogs. If you're searching for free blog creation, my suggestion would be begin blogging from or and once he's use to Blogging, he ought to go additional skilled along with his own self hosted WordPress blog.

BlogSpot let you create a free blog though comes with its own limitation, however as i discussed on top of, for a starter it’s a decent plan to make a blog and obtain the catch of Blogging.

how to create a blog for free
How to create a blog for free

This post is devoted to those individuals, UN agency wants’ to start out with Blogging. During this post we are going to be talking concerning however you'll be able to create a free BlogSpot diary.
Before I begin with complete tutorial, little things that you ought to understand. BlogSpot could be a dairying platform by Google that offer you choice to begin a blog, all of your pictures are hosted by Picasa that is once more a section of Google.

Step by step guide to create a free Blog on Blog Spot

To create your free blog site with login using your Google account. If you don’t have a Gmail (Google) account, create one free. For the primary time user, you'll get associate degree choice to use your identity that you'll choose from your Google plus profile or use your restricted BlogSpot profile. I suggest use your Google plus profile. Once you are logged in, click on new blog or click on this link to directly go to create a free blog.

Name Your blog

First thing you need to adding a name of your blog and selecting your domain name. Do not use your name as domain name and in its place use some general domain name which you can make later on with your custom domain name. Now you can select the blog template here. You can change it anytime and click on create a new blog.

how to create a blog for free

Optimize your blog


Now your blog is created but not full, need few optimizations. There are few setting and optimize which you need to do on your recently created BlogSpot (blogger) blog to make it easy to use. Now you will be on the blogger dashboard there you will see your blog back end and now you can go to settings and make few important changes to expand your blog visibility. The below image shows what you would be seeing hear.

how to create a blog for free

Write your first post:


Now you can click on posts then go to new post and begin writing your first blog post. Before that, I would suggest you to go to pages and create few pages like “About me”, “Contract us” which should be about yourself and what this blog is about.

Now you can change your blog template from hear. Here I have provided a list of free Blog Spot templates that you can download and install on your blog. Also, you can go to settings > Template and make changes such as add your logo to the header of Blog Spot blog or add other elements you want to add and remove anything you like.

how to create a blog for free

Join AdSense to earn money:

When you have few blog posts up on your blog and running.  Now you can go to settings > Earnings and enable AdSense for your blog. This method you can earn money from your free BlogSpot blog in addition. 

 blogger login google account

So your blog is almost ready and you can start writing posts. Now go ahead and create your first free blog. If you want to take more specialized method, I recommend start your first blog with WordPress.


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