How to add seo keywords in blogger blog posts

There is no doubt, you can easily get high search engine rankings by add seo keywords in your blogger blog posts and if you have unique and SEO friendly content in your blog. You just need to concentrate on some places where you can add keywords in your blog posts to make them optimized for search engines.

Be remember, optimizing blog posts for search engines is not mean to cooperation with content quality.You should add keywords in a appropriate way so that it looks ordinary for our viewers and for search engines else.

seo keywords in blogger
Add seo keywords in blogger


Add SEO Keywords in Blogger Blog Posts

Now I will show you best locations to add keywords in blogger blog posts. Hope you would enjoy knowing them.

Optimize Blog Posts by Adding Keywords Smartly

You must need to know that adding surplus keywords is not good for our blog’s SEO. You should keep the density of keyword below 3.5% for better optimization of your blog posts.Now I will show you the best locations of your blog to add keywords. If you want to get your posts rank high in search engine result, then follow the instruction.

Use Permalink of your Posts.

Permalink is the address link (URL) of your blog posts. It’s a perfect location to add your targeted keywords.Permalinks generate on the base of our post’s titles, by default. But you can add your targeted keywords by customize your permalinks.To customize your permalinks go to your Post Editor > click on Permalink in the right side option and select Custom Permalink. Now add your focal keywords there then press ‘Done’.

Note: at all times try to use only targeted keywords put in permalinks.

Opening and Finish Para of Content

When you write a new post for your blog, be remember to add your major keyword in first and end part of your articles. Both the position are best for this reason. Search engines look for keywords in these two places too to make a decision the ranking of your blog posts. Do not apply same words repeatedly. You can use several and related words.

Use Image Name, Alt and Title Tag

Using images, you can also optimize your blog posts better. You just need to optimize your images before put in them into your posts. The better you optimize the images, the better your posts will optimize for search engines. Read below mentioned post to know about images optimize.

Title optimizes of your Posts

Your post titles are the highest places to add your targeted keywords. We all know that we should use attractive post titles to attract more visitors. But with memorable post titles you should also remember to add your focal keywords there. Significant post titles catch more audience. So, continually try to use meaningful and appealing post titles to increase your posts traffic.

Post Labels

We all know that Post labels only used to categorize our blog posts. But If used elegantly then you can take their profits to optimize your blog posts too.

So, stop using non-keyword names for your labels. Named them properly and put your targeted keyword words there.

Post Comments

You can use our blog comments to add some focal keywords in your blog posts. There are lots of benefits of blog comments and if you use them efficiently then surely you can get higher ranking in search engine results.

When you reply your viewer’s comment on your blog, try to add some keyword idiom in your reply in a normal way that looks clear while reading.

Keep in mind, as an alternative of adding your targeted words try to use some long tail keywords in your comment segment. In this way you can make better your keywords ranking too.

Final Words.

This is my policy to add keywords in blogger blog posts. I believe these techniques actually help you to win higher rankings in search results.

Please share your understanding with me and my readers through comments. Your valuable comment will help many other bloggers. And if you think my article was significance reading, then share it with your social media contacts. Thinks!
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