Join Affiliate Program and Earn Extra Money!!

Join Affiliate Program and Earn Extra Money!! 

Why You Should Join The Roomster Affiliate Program


Hey Guys, there are few reasons to join Roomster Affiliate program. I thing you should join the Roomster Affiliate Program. Check them out below.

1.  It's free to sign up for the affiliate program.

2.You get paid $1.00 per lead or 50% a sale.

3.Get paid every month by the 10th.

4.Get paid via PayPal or Check.

5.Add banners to your site and website (Affiliate banner) and get paid!

Why You Should Become a member of Roomster Affiliate Program?

The main cause you should join Roomster affiliate program is its easy money. Roomster is one of the top roommate finders online and they are paying $1.00 per lead or 50% a sale. It's free to sign up and payout is every month by the 10th. You can get paid via PayPal or check. 

When you sign up they will provide you with banners like this or links like this Need an Apartment, Roommate or Sublet? Roomster affiliate program is a great way to enhancement your income. Roomster has rooms, apartments, sublets and temporary stays in over 190 countries.

They have rooms in the U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, France and New Zealand. Roomster's affiliate program is great and legal way to earn extra money from your blog or website.

Earn Easy Extra Money With Roomster Affiliate Program

So guys I have an amazing way for you to earn some easy cash with a affiliate program. Roomster is one of the top roommate finders or share apartment online where you can earn extra money with their affiliate program. 

If you have a blog or website, you can start earning from today by going to and signing up. Get a banner or link like this for Apartments, Roommates & Sublets to add to your blog or website.

You can promote it in the USA, Canada, U.K, and New Zealand. They pay you $1.00 per lead or 50% per sale. Payout is monthly by the 10th of the month. Payment methods are PayPal or check. 

So, guys, start earning additional cash from Roomsters affiliate program today.


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