5 Simple BlogSpot seo tips and tricks to improve your SEO optimization.

Want to improve SEO for Blogspot blog? This simple BlogSpot seo tips and tricks discusses how bloggers can optimize their blog using SEO techniques to improve indexing of their Blogger blog and get a better ranking in search engine results.

seo techniques for blogspot
 let’s see what would be the essentials that any blogger needs to learn about Search Engine Optimization. Below are 5 Simple BlogSpot seo tips and tricks to improve the SEO optimization of your blog:

1. Identify the perfect keyword:

When you write an article or post, it is recommended to choose the keyword suitable for your text. What you want is that this keyword or term to be searched on Google and then get your post among the top. For this, you need to apply this keyword a few times in the text.

For example, here the keyword could be Search Engine Optimization, but this term is too common and I could hardly get in the top for this search. Then I will work with a phrase or a long tail keyword, so that this post will rank for the term “BlogSpot seo tips and tricks to improve the SEO”. I will use this phrase a few times, but without overdoing it.

2.Use the particular keyword in the post title:

Now you need to put that particular keyword in the post title. This step is very important, and certainly will help you to get a better rank in search engines. As you can see, what I have in the title is the easy ways to improve the SEO of a blog keyword, along with other words to form an attractive and optimized title for SEO.

3. Use that exact keyword in the H2 tags:

You must also use heading tags (h2, h3) in your posts. Here, I am using the keyword “BlogSpot seo tips and tricks to improve the SEO” in a H2 heading. Do this at all times, because it also helps to become well positioned in the search engine results. If you don’t know or don’t recognize what the heading tags are, I would recommend doing a further research on this subject.

4. Use the accurate keyword in the text:

Must use of your exact keywords in your article body text. Especially in the first paragraph (please note that I have repeated the title in bold in the first sentence). But be careful when doing this, there is a maximum and minimum limit for that. A good keyword density is between 1.5% to 4.5% for best search results. Less than that will have no result and more than that can alert the search engines and your text might be considered spam.

5. Try to Publish Posts with 300 words or more:

Posts under 300 words have little possibility to be among the top results in search engines. Certainly, you will be able to rank for multiple keywords that are less popular with less than 300 words. But for the most competitive keywords that have the potential to bring a greater number of visits, it will be nearly not viable.

That’s it, it is recommended to write posts with more than 300 words. It is not difficult when you really understand the topic you are talking about.

Last Word:

As you can see, with some simple basic SEO techniques you can improve the traffic coming to your blog from the search engines. I hope you enjoyed these 5 Simple BlogSpot seo tips and tricks to improve the SEO.

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