Investigating into blogger JSON feed.

Budding my newest JSON-based widgets was done with loads of trial and error, lacking a good understanding of the JSON-format and lacking knowledge of how to admission the feed and retrieve the data. So yesterday I did some investigate and developed a small javascript program to examine the feeds. It is tech material, so don't be anxious if you don't understand it.

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I establish some documentation on the blogger JSON feed format, based on Google Calendar. A little later I discovered a simple tutorial on how to browse through JSON objects.

I tainted this into a recursive javascript function, that browses the complete SON-feed-tree, and displays all keys and all values. You can use is to research any J SON-feed.

Create a simple HTML-page, using the following code.

<script type='text/javascript'>
function listkeys(feedobj,depth) {
for (key in feedobj) {
for (var i=0; i<depth; i++) document.write('- ');
document.write(key+' = '+feedobj[key]+'<br/>');

function showfeedcontent(json) {
<script src="

In this code restore the feed reference to your own blog's feed.

Now open the HTML-page in your browser and the complete feed will be displayed.


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