How To Change Colour of "Follow By email" Gadget in Blogger

In Previous post we have describe “Add a custom FOLLOW BY EMAIL WIDGET on  blogger blog“, now I will show you how to  change background colour of the Submit button, Text enter box, font size and colour of the Submit button of Follow by Email gadget. Google Blogger recently published a Follow by email subscription box that assists your readers to subscribe to your blog post updates. This tutorial makes use of completely superseding Blogger's official approach sheet for the widget. The steps by steps procedure for this widget are very easy. So let’s start.

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Customize "Follow by email" Gadget for Blogspot

To adding Follow by Email, click the Add a Gadget link from the Dashboard >> Page Elements tab >> then select the Follow by Email gadget. After having added the gadget to your sidebar, then follow these easy steps.

Step 1. Go To Blogger Dashboard >> Design >> Edit HTML

Step 2. Backup your template

Step 3.Search for by pressing Ctrl+F


Step 4.   Now pest the following CSS code Just above     ]]></b:skin>

/*---Customize Follow by*/

.FollowByEmail .follow-by-email-inner .follow-by-email-address{color:#4DA6FE !important; width:100%;height:22px;font-size:13px;border:1px inset}

.FollowByEmail .follow-by-email-inner .follow-by-email-submit{width:60px;margin:0;border:0;border-radius:4px !important;-moz-border-radius:4px !important;background:#4DA6FE !important;background:rgba(0,0,0,.6);color:#fff;font-size:13px;height:24px;z-index:0}

.follow-by-email-inner .follow-by-email-submit:hover{background:#FF7700 !important;}

You can easily make these changes as you need,

To change Input text (email address) color then edits #4DA6FE.
To change background colour of Submit button, then simply edit #4DA6FE
To change the background colour of submit button on mouse hover style      then edit #FF7700

Step 5.   Now save your template, that’s all!

Now reload your blog to see the new changes. Now enjoy placing a better feeling on your readers and stand out from your contestants by using a custom follow my Email gadget. Let me know if you needed any further customizations just drop a comments.

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