Here Are 5 Steps to Add A Photo To A Blogger Header

Step 1

At first Go to to see your account's dashboard. Click the drop-down bolt situated to the right half of your blog's title and select "Design" from the connection menu. In case you're utilizing Blogger's more seasoned format, snap "Outline" from the website you wish to design.

Step 2

Click on Edit choice inside of the header area, situated toward the highest point of the screen. The header commonly contains the title at first given to your web journal.

Step 3

Select whether the photograph ought to be put behind your blog's present title and depiction or whether to supplant it altogether. Also, tap the check box expressing " Shrink to Fit " in the occasion your photograph surpasses the blog's stature and width.

Step 4

Snap "Browse" on the off chance that you wish to transfer a photograph from your PC. Provided that this is true, snap to highlight the photograph being referred to utilizing the consequent dialog menu, trailed by "Open." Otherwise, tap the "From the Web" catch found inside of the header area and glue the photo's immediate connection. This URL is normally found in your Web program's location bar.

Step 5

Now click “Save” to successfully apply the photo as your blog’s new header.
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