BlogSpot Advanced SEO: Meta tag, Description, Robots.txt, Custom redirects and extra.

This tutorial I will share how to BlogSpot added some of the advanced SEO options for Blogger blogs. We will lunge the entire new facet in details after a break but let me start with few important relevant talk.

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Contrast about BlogSpot vs. WordPress, we always give WordPress an advantage in the terms of SEO. By adding new SEO form in BlogSpot, Google have set the SEO difference by a great level. Still if, this is not going to be modifies, which will make me counsel you to stick to BlogSpot for Specialist Blogging. But, all the new changes are undeniably deserve clapping as after years, BlogSpot bloggers got much-needed SEO love.

So, let’s go to learn about all new features and how to use it.

How to Enable BlogSpot Advanced SEO settings?

At first Login to your Blogger dashboard > settings > search preference you will find all the new SEO options which are added by Blogger team. Now you need  to enable all the settings and my plan is to read this guide gravely else a wrong settings (BlogSpot Robots.txt), may lead to complete non-indexing of your blog.

I don't intend to caution you, however all I'm stating is it's a great opportunity to quit fooling around as Google longings to consider SEO important.

Presently I demonstrate the new SEO elements included by Blogger group:

    Custom 404-page message
    Custom redirects (Redirect 404 pages to any page on your blog).
    Custom Robots header tags

Now Dive access to World of BlogSpot Search inclination settings:

Gives, look access to all the component one by one and my proposal actualize it on your site for better site improvement of your Blogger blog.

Explanation of Metatags:

This is the place you will be clarifying what your web journal is about. A useful portrayal inside 150 characters will assist peruses with understanding about your web journal and will offer you to get all the more some assistance with clicking from web index. Additionally, from SEO point of view, I would propose you to utilize your principle watchword here in BlogSpot tags labels portrayal. For example:
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Ensure you clarify about your web journal inside 150 characters, as web index disregard characters after 150. When you empower this element and included Meta labels after web search tool bot recrawls your website, web search tool will demonstrate your Meta depiction like this in internet searcher:

All things considered, this is one piece of new BlogSpot SEO setup, which I need you to utilize it precisely. A wrong, settings may prompt deindexing of a major some portion of your site. A Robots.txt document is utilized to prevent internet searcher bots from slithering the "Not all that essential" a portion of your online journal. For instance, Search pages, chronicle pages et cetera. In the event that you are new to Robots.txt, this video by Google Engineer, Matt Cutts will give you enough essential data about BlogSpot robots.txt record:
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In nutshell, I propose you to utilize Robots.txt to indicate your sitemap URL and control No-indexing by noindex tag in custom robots meta labels. For more data, read authority page on BlogSpot robots.txt. Duplicate the accompanying html code and bug that crate after change Site map URL.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /?m=1
Disallow: /?m=0
Disallow: /*?m=1
Disallow: /*?m=0
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search?*
User-agent: Twitterbot
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Disallow: /p/*
Disallow: /view/*
Allow: /

Custom redirects setting:

seo for blogger

This is exceptionally valuable when any third party site connected to your site and included a connection that doesn't exist or in the event that you evacuate a page and need to divert the activity. You can utilize Google Webmaster instrument to locate all such 404 pages and set the redirection. It may be somewhat extensive procedure, however now and again it is exceptionally valuable to tap the missing movement and proselyte them into genuine activity.

Custom 404 messages:

404 pages is typically a mistype pages or a visitor land on a page, which doesn’t exceed. This custom 404 message will let you create the custom HTML message, which you can display on your Blogger 404 pages. Now, it’s time for you to use your originality and design something awesome.

seo for blogger

Go to >> Settings >> Search Preferences >> Custom Page Not Found under Errors and Redirection section as showing in the below image.
Click on Edit then a box will appear as showing in the above image where you need to paste the following code. 

It seems that you have accidentally landed on this page which does not exists because you may have either clicked on a broken link or entered the wrong URL in the address bar. Right?
Kindly do one of the followings to go to the correct location of this blog:
 Report the Problem to us by ENTER YOUR CONTACT PAGE URL HERE
Contacting Us Here    (This will help us to serve you even better)
    Go To Homepage by ’HOMEPAGE URL HERE
     Clicking Here
    Search Anything Using Below Search Box
    Page Not Found!

 >Replace ” ENTER YOUR CONTACT PAGE URL HERE ” with your blog’s contact page link.

> Replace” HOMEPAGE URL HERE ” with your blog’s homepage link.

> Click on SAVE CHANGES 

Custom robots header tags settings:

advance seo for blogger

One tremendously required component for SEO of your BlogSpot blog, however it would appear that small befuddling yet this aide from Google will again attempt to clarify everything in straightforward words.

Here is a picture, which clarifies every one of the orders under Blogger custom Robots header tag:

advance seo for blogger
Robots meta tag and portrayal is likewise accessible on single post, which makes it more internet searcher well disposed. Exceptionally, I preferred the thought of Unavailable_after mandate, which will push you to consequently deindex news post which more often than not terminates after some time.


So ,my suggestion for every BlogSpot blogger is to buy a custom domain and enjoy the control of new BlogSpot SEO and drive more traffic to your blog post. If you have any query regarding above Blogger new search preference option, ask via comment.  If you find this post helpful, don’t forget to share and comment for this post.


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