How to change the Navigation Bar color on Blogger.

If you like to change or edit the font and background color of your blog Menu Bar. Now I will describe a easy way how to do it?

Now follow these 05 steps:   
1.   Log in to your blog Dashboard, go to Template > Edit HTML.

2.   Now open up the CSS section within

<b:skin> ... </b:skin>

 3. Now press the "Ctrl" and "F" keys to bring up the search box.

 3. In the search box you type these below codes for find.

   .tabs-inner {

 4. Insert following one line code above “}” symbol:

   background-color: #2E64FE;


#2E64FE is the color code for the blue color I'm using. You can change it with any favorite color code you want. If you have no concept about color code, you can search "HTML color code" in Google.

  5. Now click on "Save Template" button for save. That’s all.

Now Go back to your blog address and refresh your webpage, you will see your preferred background color viewing up for your top navigation bar.

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