How to Make a Blogger Blog Look and Act Like a Website:

Does your Blogger blog look too old fashion for your feeling? Here are some tips to make a Blogger blog look similar to a full-service website:

1. Buy a custom domain name and create an account to it.

In its place of having your URL be, you can have your URL be a extra professional You can buy a custom name also at a domain registration site or through Blogger (for $10 or $ 15 a year). Another way to set up the name by going to Settings >> Publishing >> Publish on a custom domain. You can decide either to register with Blogger or you can apply another registration site ,if you do, follow the " advanced settings" directions.

2. Edit advancelayout options to customize the glance of your site.

Blogger has a light multiplicity of templates for your site. They are not as gaudy as Wordpress templates, mainly the premium, but they are fully customizable. Here are three simple things to do:
Insert a custom header.  At the "Layout" option, click on the Header box and Insert your own business header image.

Modify default foundation. Go to "Format," click "Redo," and pick an essential layout to begin. Click the "foundation" connection to include a custom foundation.

Include custom points of interest. Go to "Format," click "Redo," and begin playing with every one of the points of interest of every component of your web journal. Here's a sample of changing the different shades of connections:

3. Include page tabs (About, FAQ, Contact).

Blogger gives you a chance to signify 20 standalone static pages that appear under your header as tabs. Go to the "Pages" segment to include and alter pages. Click on the choice "Show pages as Top tabs" to get page tabs over your header:

Great pages to have are: About, Portfolio (in case you're a craftsman), Books (in case you're distributed), Contact, and FAQ.

4. Include a contact structure.

Once you've set up your Contact page, you can make a structure for it, utilizing Google Docs. See my post on How to Make a Contact Page for Blogger for guidelines.

5. Include online networking symbols.

Blogger incorporates online networking sharing catches for every post, except doesn't have a decent contraption to permit individuals to tail you on your social locales. In the event that you look to the upper right of this site, you'll see online networking catches that prompt my Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, and Pinterest accounts, and that permit individuals to subscribe to this website through a RSS peruser or email.

The best approach to add the symbols is to utilize the "HTML/Javascript" contraption. Here are my directions on the best way to add online networking symbols to your site (I figured out how to do this from Adventures as a Small Town Mom however have realized some additional tips from that point forward). The arrangement of roundabout social symbols I utilized can be found here. In the event that you need to pick different pictures, google "free online networking symbols" or look at: 33 Beautiful Social Media Icon Sets for Designers and Bloggers and 50 Free Social Media Icon Sets.

6. Include a favicon.

A favicon is the little symbol that appears alongside a site address in the program bar. Mine resembles this:

See my post, How to Add a Favicon to your Blogger Blog, for simple directions.

7. Utilize the Picture device to connection to different destinations.

In the event that you have an Amazon deals or Etsy page or a devoted portfolio site, you can utilize the Picture contraption to include the connection in your sidebar. This web journal utilizes a photo device to connection to my Etsy store.

8. Add E-commerce features.

If you want to retail something openly from your blog instead of through a separate service, you can add a Paypal or payza button to your blog, either in the sidebar or in a page or post that describes your wares. Go to your Paypal account's "Merchant Services" section for instructions.

P.S. If you're really ambitious, custom design your entire site.

Incidentally, if you know HTML coding, the sky's the limit for changing your Blogger blog into a website, as you can edit every part of your site.

Please let me know if this has been beneficial, or if you have any queries. Thanks


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