How to Edit a Banner Size in Blogger.

Blogger blog displays your company's name or blog name and logo on its banner or header image. The banner must be big enough to be obviously visible and for its image to stay in the reader's mind. Other than if the banner is too large, it will go over your blog's overall border. Minimize or expand the header banner by editing your blog's HTML template.

Step 1
Go to your blog's dashboard. Click the blog name to open its home page.

Step 2
Click "Template" to edit the template.

Step 3
Click "Edit HTML" to open the code.

Step 4
Search by pressing (Ctrl+F) for the template header. The header style perhaps entitle "header" or "header-wrapper." It will look like the following:

#header-wrapper { background:#ffffff URL(/images/banner.png); height:350px; width:950px; margin:0 auto 0px; border:0px solid $bordercolor; }

Step 5
Replace "350" with the image height. Replace "950" with the image width. For example, to choose a width of 600 pixels and a height of 240 pixels, change the code to:

#header-wrapper { background:#ffffff URL(/images/banner.png); height:240px; width:600px; margin:0 auto 0px; border:0px solid $bordercolor; }

Step 6
Click "Save."

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