Google Analytics Conversion Funnel

In my previous post, I promised to post some more about Google Analytics. Well, here it is. It's about the Google Analytic Conversion Funnel.
After reaching my Blog (by Google) at the Recent Post Widget Updated post, my guest has to navigate to the Downloads page and then has to click the button. Those 3 steps are called a Funnel and a visitor who reaches the target is called a Conversion.
Google Analytics Conversion Funnel Setup

Let's talk about Google Analytic Conversion Funnel Setup:

As you can see, the first step of the Funnel is my post called "Recent Posts Widget Updated". There have been 70 visits to this post. People reach this post through Entrance Points, displayed at the left. From this 70 visitors 50% move on through the funnel to the downloads-page, and 50% leave to another blog-page (the Exit Points, to the right). In the end, only 15% of the visitors reach the end of the Funnel, and click the Install-button.

Setting up a Funnel is simple; you just have to insert a list of all the page urls that are piece of the funnel. The Funnel information is very useful if you have e-commerce goals, and want to know how people are reaching your payments-page, but as a blogger you can use it to track how people reach your most valuable information.

You can also check clicks on outer links, such as my Install-button, by adding some additional code to the link. This is obviously explained in the help-section of Google Analytics.

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