How to Put AdSense Ads In The Middle of Blogger Post?

Show AdSense Ads between Posts in Blogger? 

Google AdSense is the popular advertisement network which used by millions of bloggers worldwide for monetize there blog. There are billions of blogger build their careers online from hear. Now I have a trick for all blogger holders, how to add Google AdSense ads between the posts.

Usually, your ads go on sidebar or the header section of your blog or site. A Investigation shows that more than 70% of the users miss out these sections utterly, reason, they are now looking to read your article (not looking for download links, signup, contact us, etc.). That means they avoid your ads.So potential suggestion for ad- position is,display ads between a post.

How to exhibit Ads between posts?

Go by the steps below for show ads between your posts.
1st Step : Go to  your blog's dashboard from Blogger > Layout tab. In the Blog Posts portion, click on the Edit  bottom (right).

2nd Step: Now you will see a popup window. Scroll down until that radio button Show Ads between Posts. Confirm it. Then configure as you wish.
Note. Before you can configure, must be sign in to AdSense.

 3rd Step: After check this box you will see a configuration preference for your ads. Now you can select your choice able color, font, etc, for your ads.

Note: If you want Adsense ads to be displayed after every post, select "1" from the drop-down menu. AdSense policy limits is total of 3 ad units per page. Now you can then select your ad format and colors,
then click on the “Save" button. That’s all.

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