How to start affiliate marketing business?

How to start affiliate marketing business?

Affiliate marketing is the procedure of promoting a different company’s products or services for a commission.This article will help you to get started as an affiliate seller. If you get essentials right, you can also earn from affiliate marketing like us. Becoming an affiliate marketer is very simple. In this post I will share few important tips and ideas which will help you to get started.
There are various ways internet marketers are doing affiliate marketing and now I will share how I started with it.I have shared the best important links to become a master of affiliate marketing.  

affiliate marketing

01. Choose the right product and market

I am an affiliate of many networks such as Amazon associate,
Commission Junction, Viglink, ShareaSale  and Clickbank,  and more. it’s about the relevant products that you promote on your website. You can constantly be a good opponent and try product to share your review and belief. Most of the product in online marketplace have affiliate link related with it. It can be any products like eBook, cheap web-hosting, service and more. Ensure you select the best product based on your niche blog or site. Also you might get thousands of clicks, but your exchange rates will be very low.

02. Advertising Channel

Before you begin your journey with affiliate marketing, you must have a good promotion channel. You can promote affiliate products on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, forum and others. But I advise you having a dependable blog and it will help you to keep earning in long time. You need to create regular content and reviews about your product.

03. Selling field

To trade any product, you need to create a sales field. It can be in form of a blog post or can be a static web page. Create sales field in simple words. You need to make your readers tuned in to what are they getting with their savings.

04. Link Cloaking

Search engine ranking is the most essential one to the affiliate marketers. So  optimizing your blog SEO friendly. In this video, Matt Cutts shows how Google handle affiliate links and what should we do if we are anxious about such affiliate links.

My advice you to use Word Press plug-in solution Gocodes for clocking your affiliate link to make it look attractive. In these plugin settings, there is an option which let you add no follow attribute to all your links cloaked using this plug-in, which will assist you to stop transitory link juice to affiliate links. Additionally I highly suggest you to add the Gocodes URL trigger in your robots.text as disallow.

This is to make sure Google doesn’t crawl such links and your affiliate site is not penalized for any kind of affiliate links penalty.

Feel free to ask your summarize question through comments and share this useful guide to your blogger friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

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