Cut off the Labels from Below the Post

You will see the labels holler all of the post or bellow post title. It’s not necessary; they are already in the side bar. Few bloggers don’t want to see this on their blog post. In this post we will learn how to remove them manually. To remove the label from the bottom of a post (or bellow post title), you must edit the HTML. When you remove labels below of the post or post title, your template will look more handsome. There are few steps that help you to remove the labels.

Step 1: Log in into your blogger dashboard

Step 2: Go to the template and then click on the EDIT HTML button.

Step 3: After that find <head> by using CTRL+F and paste the following code just below it.

     <style>.post-labels {display: none;}</style>

Then save your template,

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